Ultra Safe cars can cost more to insure - High security / high cost .

Ultra Safe cars can cost more to insure  - High security / high cost .

Ultra Safe cars can cost more to insure  - High security / high cost .
Ultra Safe cars can cost more to insure  - High security / high cost .

You can secure your car, low insurance rate is true when it was just a light day's day but the latest security features do not reduce your premium.

In fact, high-tech vehicles with state-of-the-art security features often insure Are more expensive for.

High security / high cost

The latest and greatest cars are often the latest Crash-Protection Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADS).

These high-tech offerings have autonomous braking systems and techniques from back-up cameras and blind spot sensors that warn drivers when they drift in another lane.

Although this gear definitely helps prevent traffic accidents, it is also very expensive to repair, these security features are not limited to limited replacement parts, but these systems are often used for expensive software recycling and other expensive services.

Required. All told, the repair of these sensitive security features is expensive and as a result, the insurance charges are increasing for these state-of-the-art, super-safe cars.

The insurer claims that due to these security features, there may be fewer car collisions, there are not enough advanced vehicles, the road to move the needle in the meantime, in the meantime, when there is an accident, the insurance companies will be able to protect the prices of security They are trapped in covering the repair - and they are going to spend some expense on the car buyer.

In the 2016 model year, that about 14% of the cars were included in collision-free technology.

Some insurers say that 25% to 50% of all cars on the road will require these collision prevention systems before the reduction in the cost of the high repair costs of these high-tech facilities reduces in accidents.

Everyone pays more

Purchases of cars loaded with security features are not only going to face higher insurance costs, but all are now being charged more for liability insurance.

The reason for this is that if the car equipped with ADAS, the driver of a standard vehicle comes, then the standard car can be responsible for the damage done at the cost of the car.

As a result, insurance premiums are increasing for all premium drivers. For example, State Farm, Illinois's insurance rates increased by about 6% in October - the biggest surge since 2003.

The Company blames the rise in prices at the excessive cost of repairing the security system as well as the increase in the incidence of mileage and distracted driving.

In 2016, the number of miles operated by Americans rose by 2.8% to record 3.2 trillion, according to the Federal Highway Administration, motor vehicle deaths increased by 6% in the same period.

Two insurance companies who offer discount offer rebate

Buyers can be expected on the horizon for safety buyers with safety features Some experts estimate that in the coming years more and more insurance companies will offer discounts to the owners of cars equipped with ADS.

However, before these exemptions become widespread, accident rates must be dropped dramatically. Currently, the 11 largest U.S. Of the auto insurance companies, only two offer exemptions for new security devices.

Hartford Insurance Group and Liberty Mutual offer cuts for both automatic braking. This technique slips into the camera and radar to stop or slow the vehicles, when there is an object in the road and the driver does not answer.

The 2016 Highway Safety Institute (IIHS), 40% of the rear-and crosses - translates approximately 700,000 accidents annually - if in all cars, automatic breaking will be stopped, in five states, Hartford insurance automated braking and other safety devices With the reduction of annual premiums up to 3% for cars.

Bottom line

While high-tech security features definitely protect you on the road, these systems can also put a big risk in your wallet and not only when you first buy a car, that is because insurance companies with these cost-based security systems Charges at a higher rate for vehicles.

However, experts estimate that in future there will be no change in the distant future. Roads and accidents are reduced as more and more of these vehicles, insurance rates for ultra-safe vehicles will also decrease.

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