Extreme Social Responsible Investment (Tips to know Well ) .

Extreme  Social  Responsible Investment  (Tips to know Well ) .

Extreme  Social  Responsible Investment  (Tips to know Well ) .
Extreme  Social  Responsible Investment  (Tips to know Well ) .

Traditional investment advice assumes that you do not consider your money by index funds in the hands of big corporations of the country who hold shares of all the companies in the S & P 500.

Some industries that may be due to people include concern, defense, tobacco, gambling and alcohol, who are uncomfortable about being the owners of generally criticised companies organised by these funds, there are socially responsible investments (e.g. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds) that may not be morally agreeable to your business.

Some people, however, even the most socially responsible and environmentally friendly funds are still not ethically high enough. What if you do not want to pay your money to any

 Corporations are obliged to make as much money as possible for their shareholders, who can make the most meaningful corporations as well as making socially and environmentally responsible decisions, with the option of excluding the selected investors.

 (To learn more about social responsibility, see Changing the World One Investment in one time and socially responsible mutual funds.)

Although the ideas presented here can not get high returns consistently, which can be expected from long-term in the stock market -MMM investment, they will allow you to use your money in a manner that interests the traditional shareholder Do not put all over.


You feel that you can not invest in that time, whenever you want to hide your money in your sock drawer, it will give you a chance to earn better returns. You deposit your pay check in the bank, but you are doing.

In fact, instead of lending to your deposit amount, the bank is getting a small portion of interest payment in lieu of giving permission to make money.

And, if you knew where your money was going, you could be very much unhappy with the inexpensive interest rate in return.

Is it possible to choose the bank committed to you? Yes, and you can still earn interest and get FDIC insurance too. One type of socially responsible bank, called a Community Development Bank, is aimed at utilising deposits for the financing of those projects which will be used to revive depressed communities.

If there is no such bank in your area, you can choose a bank that allows you to online bank, no matter where you live.

There are some socially responsible banks in the US, Chitterns, Community National Bank and South Shore Co-operative Bank.

Although these banks are still shareholders, these shareholders are a part of the community and will probably take the actions of the bank to take advantage of it.

real estate

Home ownership When you buy a house, you are investing in a community, and it is usually a good thing because you have to pay interest on that mortgage, you have to lend money to a socially You may want to look for responsible banks or credit unions.

You should not rely on a home to provide your retirement nest egg, however, as the house can not be faster than the rate of inflation, she said, buying a house helps in diversifying your assets and you A price is allowed to store, which can be if you decide to rent a place.

When you now need a living space even after retirement, you can sell your home for a small space and still have some money left for your retirement.

Consider the rental property becoming a landlord. In many areas, it is possible to buy duplex, triplux, or quadriplex for the same price as a single family home with comparative square footage.

 All these accommodation options qualify as residential accommodation, which means that you will be able to get the lowest mortgage rates and possibly lower down payment.

If you live in an entity, you will not have to pay taxes on a portion of the earlier $ 250,000 profit, when you are present tax code (or $ 500,000 if you are married and jointly filtered). The ratio of exclusion received is based on the ratio of property to your home form.

Many of these buildings can come with tenants at the time of sale, so that you can be given immediate cash flow as a monthly rent payment.

 To repay any other loan, these rent payments, In such a way, you can be able to save on interest payments in future without much deep digging in your wallet, for the majority of resident mortgages can be a good way to pay faster. As the tenants come out, you can revitalise each unit to praise yourself.


By pursuing your education, you can invest in yourself. This investment can be a great way to increase your long-term financial security, especially if you have not completed college yet to get higher education to make a higher payment for you.

Having a career ticket can be. Of all investment opportunities in this list, education can be such that will give the biggest returns.

 If you have never spoken to traditional schools, look for unconventional alternatives to improve your knowledge and skills, such as participating in online learning, apprenticeships, internships or college with a less traditional course (usually a liberal arts college) .

Entrepreneurship and Personal Loans

If you are unhappy with the current corporate business model, why not start your own business? Being self-employed, this is a great way to live under the thumb of a human.

Although many small businesses fail soon, if your success succeeds, this job can be a great source of sustainability. Owners of your own business can also give you more direct control over your financial future - no one can lower you, and if your business is starting to bad, then you are in full control to change things .

You will move yourself around with your employees and business partners who share your values. (Is it possible to be environmentally friendly and still earning money? Read our Green Investment Facility for both sides of this issue.)

If your job seems like a lot of work, then you can always consider fundraising for someone who is starting a business that you want to support as a silent partner.

Just keep in mind that the rate of failure of small businesses is high and that friends and money are often a bad combination.

Antiques & Collectibles

The market for antiques and collectibles can be difficult; It is difficult to predict what things will be very valuable in the future and this may involve a lot of wait, speculation and risk.

 Like weary business shares, finding an accurate assessment and finding a buyer at any time can be an issue for the sellers of antiques.

Not unique to antiques, but still very important is the fact that the best way to make quick money in this kind of market is to get acquainted with existing hot consumer trends and to buy low and sell high while the prices are at its peak .

If you only buy items from other people, you do not give any extra money to corporations for your products, and you can create a mindset of mass mobilisation of consumerism work in your financial side.

You can also try misspellings or bad marketing antiques and collecting auctions on eBay, you can buy somewhere less than the price of the item, and to re-sell them for profit, to get an understanding of antique items, Want to read more, participate in the antique show, go to antique shops and take some classes on the subject.

Bottom line

For those who are interested in earning a return on their money but do not believe that it is possible to invest in the hands of any kind of corporation, it is possible to make a more secure financial future.

For more work, more research and more risk is required, but then, if you have a separate value from your corporate America, one of your values, Micro you're using to find creative solutions already this problem.

Due to the current corporate-based financial system's suspicion, continuous financial stress is not meant to be permanent; There are ways to make your money work without leaving your belief system.

To read more about the opposite side of this ethical coin, see the proposal of socially (IR) responsible mutual funds and sinners.

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