In 2008, American investor Warren Buffett, the so-called "Omaha's Wizards," was named the Forbes magazine's $ 62 billion property, the richest person in the world.

His philosophy on investment is:

"The basic idea of ​​an investment is to look at the stock as a business, to use market fluctuations in your profits, and to find a margin of safety."
It is human nature to wish for more.

The traditional approach teaches us that we have no money to work, but there are other ways in which the majority of people work and there are other ways to earn it.

Investing in a particular stock or bond and working for money is the right way to make more money.
According to the traditional approach, in order to have more money, you need to find a job that is better paid or more time to work.

However, there is a limit to the amount of time you can really work in a day.
On the other hand, if you assume that you have too much work time in a week, you will not have the leisure time to enjoy the benefits that good money brings to you.

Whether you decide to invest money in buying stocks or bonds, mutual funds, or whether to start your own company, the principles are similar.

Investing in the right niche and the right company is one of the best ways to invest.
If you do not want to gamble and invest money in blind spots, there are certain investment techniques and analytical approaches that are widely used.

Let's look at two well-known investment schemes.

- Basic investment style.
- Technology investment style.

Many investors focus on specific companies and ignore niche industries.
By doing so, they do not need to have a broad knowledge or to analySe the whole niche industry in order to invest.

It is enough to analyse the performance of the company with some common logic. This type of investment is called the primary investment style .

Unlike the styles mentioned above, some investors follow niche markets.
This is not an analysis of the performance of a specific company with this investment, but an analysis of the performance of the entire industry.

Although this is not the most logical approach, many well-known investors use this particular technology.

This is called investment skill style .
Both investment techniques have advantages and disadvantages, but combining them if possible is probably one of the best investment methods, but at the same time the most time consuming way.

You can mix and match specific aspects of all available styles using your own approach, based on your general knowledge of these topics and aspects and available time.

Whether you want to see market trends and patterns, or how to analyse specific stocks of individual companies will depend on your chosen approach.

Creating an investment club is another approach that many people take.
To gain more investment funds, you may decide to establish an investment club.

You can do this with selected groups (friends, co-workers, relatives, or all business partners).
Once we have all the legal aspects in place and have created the right partnership agreement, we are ready to start investing.

Once again, choosing the right approach is key.
When you consider the tax rate, you will find that the government prefers investment rather than ordinary transactions.

Under US tax law, if you decide to invest in a company for 12 months, the tax rate may be between 5% and 15%, depending on certain factors.

For example, if you hold stocks for less than 12 months, the tax rate on capital gains can increase to 36%.

It is up to you to plan ahead to ensure financial stability and safe retirement.

It is up to you to secure your peaceful future by investing your income in the right way, as more and more countries are slowly turning responsibilities from themselves to individuals.

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