Biometrics: Can Your Credit Card Use Fingerprint Scanners?

Biometrics: Can Your Credit Card Use Fingerprint Scanners ? 

Biometrics: Can Your Credit Card Use Fingerprint Scanners?
Biometrics: Can Your Credit Card Use Fingerprint Scanners?

In the near future, you may be able to use your fingerprint or your photo to charge something to your master card.

Working with a company named Zwipe in Norway, MasterCard has done work in the U.S. And has successfully completed pilot testing using biometrics for its new credit card payment processing application in Norway.

 This payment processing system is now being tested in Canada.

You have a bank coming soon

Master kitchen Media Spokesperson, BethKitchener said that the offer to banks across the US would be the option of starting from this summer, whether or not each bank will make its own decision about the option, which will include an app on your smart phone or tablet.

Apps will be available only through banks, who decide to offer the program, Kitchener tells.

Visa is also working on a biometric authority technology that uses iris scanning, but it is still in the prototype.

According to Sam Schrager, Digital Solutions Visa SVP, when the system is ready, the online payment services will become part of the checkout.

 "Already, we support Apple's Touch ID for Visa checkout authentication and do so when Android OS supports a similar authentication process," says Shrugar.

American Express is considering facial recognition technology for its products and services, but nothing is specific on the drawing board.

So why use biometrics ?

Biometrics is the unique identifier, no two people are identical, says Janice Kiefert, founder of Safe Identity, "They are a win for consumers - there really is no negative result" a non-profit based in the Biometrics Association, Washington, DC The business group is.

She tells that they have been for a long time, but "it is just reaching the point where [biometrics] are not only fast and efficient, but they can be built and integrated into it

  • Fingerprints - Apple's Touch ID already includes fingerprint authentication to unlock the phone. And use mobile wallet, the ApplePay will be available with a MasterCard app to release a system like this soon. RISK: Fingerprint can be copied because they leave on your tablet or phone screen. If you have this option then be sure to keep your screen clean.                                                 
  • Video and face recognition - Most digital devices have cameras and audio recordings, so these unique identifiers can become part of future apps.                                                                                         
  • Heart rhythm - Although it is a unique biometric identifier, it requires a crystand that records your electrocardiogram or heart beat pattern. Although technology is available, it will be a more expensive option.                                                                                                                                                   
  • Iris and Retina Scans - These also provide a unique identifier and are being used by the FBI, CIA and NASA for protection, but it would be more difficult to train people to properly use for payment processing.
MasterCard is also planning to introduce itself to Safi, it is not actually biometrics; Instead, to make the online payment process more secure, this includes a safe and password usage, the user will give his password and take a photo, which will be compared to the master card in an on-file image.

Bottom line

To include biometrics in the credit digital solution card payment process will soon be a general option for security.

If your bank does not offer them until the beginning of 2017, then you might consider thinking about doing this.

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