3 best reward credit cards (C, BAC) without annual fee .

3 best reward credit cards (C, BAC) without annual fee .

3 best reward credit cards (C, BAC) without annual fee .
3 best reward credit cards (C, BAC) without annual fee .

Credit cards are an important part of a consumer's financial toolkit, whenever they provide immediate access to payments, financial flexibility and money when needed.

A rewards credit card provides cash, or other important benefits, even further on the basis of your spending activity.

Along with meticulous use, every month the payment of the full account balance is included, with a yearly fee a good rewards card every time you use it gives net profit for home finance.

City Double Cash Card

The City Double Cash Card offers a full 2% cash back reward on all card expenses, provided you finally pay the balance of your account, the cardholder earns an initial 1% reward on purchasing all the cards without limit, and another 1% of the outstanding payment This is done because the card balance is paid.

Thus, cardholders who pay their entire account balance each month, they realise a 2% cash back reward at almost immediately cost.

Unlike some other cards with complex tiered award programs, City Double Cash Card does not have any spending categories or limits of spending, it saves one of the highest overall cash back rates available without annual fee.

She said, the card does not provide a sign-up bonus like its rivals.
City Double Cash Card Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) subsidiary, Citibank, NA. It provides introductory annual percentage rate (APR) of 0% for 18 months on balance transfer.

Bank Americard Cash Award Card

Bank Americard Cash Award Card offers a standard TiEd Award Program for all card holders with an additional benefit to those having private banking or investment accounts with Bank of America Corporation (NYSE: BAC) The standard cash-back program pays a minimum of 1% cash on all purchases without any limit to all card holders.

 For each calendar quarter, the program pays the cash-back rates raised up to $ 1,500 above the purchase of combined gas and grocery store.

A 3% cash back rate applies to qualifying gas purchase and a rate of 2% applies to grocery store purchase. Cardholders get $ 100 bonus prizes to spend less than $ 500 on card within 90 days card ownership.

Special benefit for Bank of America customers makes this card especially attractive whenever cash-back rewards are credited to the Bank of America check or savings account or Merrill Lynch Cash Management account, Cardholder gets an automated 10% cash-back bonus .

Therefore, the $ 100 reward gets $ 110, which banks participate in the Bank of America's Favourite Prize Program, depending on the preferred option, 10% bonus can increase by 25%, 50% or 75%. For a customer with a status of top-level platinum honours, a $ 100 cash-back reward is $ 175.

Bank Americard Cash Award Card offers introductory ARR of 0% on purchase and balance transfer for 12 months. By May 2016, Standard APR from 13.24 to 23.24% was based on credit.

Barclaycard Arrival World Master Card

Barc layer arrives Arrival in the family awards program of Master Master Card, the award provides the credit of the statement against the travel expenses paid for the card, although it is not very flexible as many cash-back award programs, even though periodic passengers There should not be any problem in capturing the full value of this travel rewards program.

Cardholders are less than two miles away for every $ 1 spent on travel. All other purchases of food without limit are rewarded at the rate of $ 1 per one mile per meal.

A statement of $ 25 is required to balance the amount of 2,500 miles for a loan, thus, is equal to 1% reward on one mile expenditure, he said, due to the 5% credit provided on each redemption of the mile, the actual per mile per mille .

For example, after redemption of 2,500 miles, the cardholder receives an automatic credit of 125 miles for use in the next redemption, new cardholders should have at least 1,000 dd on the card within 90 days of ownership 20,000 miles bonus reward is available to spend on the dollar, which is enough for outstanding credit of $ 200 with travel expenses.

Barclaycard Access Master's Master Card is issued by Barclays Bank is a subsidiary of Delaware, Barclays Plc (NYSE: BCS).

 It provides an introductory ARR of 0% for 12 months on balance transfer. By May 2016, on the basis of credit, its standard purchase and balance transfer APR ranged from 16.24 to 24.24%.

 In addition, Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard does not charge any foreign transaction fee.

 Many other cards, including City Double Cash Card and Bank Emericard Cash Award Card, charge 3% on all card transactions outside the United States.

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