CES Stocks To Keep An Eye On !

As one of the main events in the technology trade show calendar, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) plays host to news conferences, demonstrations and trade booths from the biggest and smaller players in the industry.

CES Stocks To Keep An Eye On  !
CES Stocks To Keep An Eye On  ! 

 This year saw demos from Intel, product displays from LG and presentations from Qualcomm.

 CES is often the platform that technology companies use to make announcements for new products or give previews of new products, so it is unsurprising that it can have a significant impact on company stocks.

 The 2013 show saw some big announcements from Samsung, Nvidia and Qualcomm (amongst others), which resulted in some uncertain stock figures as investors reacted to new product developments.

Nvidia, a California-based technology company, were a business that saw fluctuation in stocks as a result of the CES.

It appeared that their stocks retreated during the show as they unveiled a new mobile application processor as well as their first consumer device – a hand held gaming console under the name Project Shield.

 Nvidia’s move into the gaming industry comes as a surprise; however their gaming device looks to host Android games as well as stream PC titles.

 No launch date was given in their press event at the end of the CES and the weeks following saw a dip in Nvidia shares.

 It has been argued that the fairly massive decline in Nvidia stocks came as investors questioned the market for the Shield console as well as whether it would be a waste of time and money.

 However, Nvidia stocks are certainly ones to watch if Shield captures some market share.

Another big player at the CES was Qualcomm, a company that designs, manufactures and markets wireless devices.

 They announced the launch of a number of new products, including 800 and 600 Snapdragon processors and StreamBoost technology for wireless routers.


while Qualcomm products have often been hailed as innovative and intresting , stocks dipped after an atrocious keynote speech and strange press conference (which included Big Bird from Seasame Street…).  Nevertheless, stocks could improve as the products come to fruition, particularly as industry experts predict big changes to mobile phone usage because of Qualcomm.

Samsung stocks are also ones to watch in the aftermath of the CES. The Korean tech giant introduced plans for a new tablet with a flexible display under the name Youm amongst other developments.

Their stocks remained flat directly after the CES, however have risen since then as market experts hail new product innovations.

 The Consumer Electronics show certainly has an impact on company stocks as investors are perhaps initially unsure about the new products introduced.

Listed above are just a few CES stocks to keep an eye on, particularly for those interested in spread betting  because shares are likely to fluctuate as the new technology comes onto the market.

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