Why Are People More Focused on Money Than On Survival ?

Why people more focused on  ?

Why Are People More Focused on Money Than On Survival ?
Why Are People More Focused on Money Than On Survival ? 

It's a sad state of affairs when money supersedes the need to survive. The world is on the brink of total disaster yet authorities are focused on money-making projects rather than on how and why this is the case.

 Governments appear obsessed with things like trade and big business. Those in the poorer categories are ever more abandoned to their fate as wages are cut and their situation deteriorates.

So desperate are some that when a billionaire, such as Donald Trump, promises them jobs and a better life they willingly support and elect him to the most powerful position in the world, that of President of the United States.

 This is happening in other countries as well where wealthy people, such as the Prime Minister of Australia, are also elected.

Both these leaders have taken stands against climate change while their attention is drawn to big business handouts with large tax cuts while the little people are financially pushed ever harder.

The Australian government has cut penalty rates for those who work on Sundays and some will feel the loss of that money harder because of their circumstances.

Likewise, these two leaders favour coal over renewable energy and are allowing the development of more coal mines to occur.

Australia is about to see the commencement of one of the largest of these industries in the world, the Adani Mine in Queensland, and that at the risk of the Great Barrier Reef.

Climate change, over-population, and the threat of imminent nuclear war, are just some of the outcomes of putting money ahead of survival.

 Slowly, over the last 2 millennia especially, something peculiar has occurred that is having disastrous effects.

First is the use of money as a form of exchange. It has enable some to grow rich at the expense of others.

Then came taxation, which gives governments control over populations, and finally came the attitude that some men are more deserving and better than the rest.

While the grab for power increased the importance of wealth and position it also brought a deeply unbalanced set of circumstances. Slavery is only a small part of it with nature the real victim. Nothing of a natural occurrence is worth preserving in the eyes of those who can use it to increase their bank balance.

While the rest will suffer the consequences the systems put in place by Constantine, a Roman Emperor, remain as the foundation of the World Order and, therefore, the establishment.

 In Revelation 13:12-18 he is described as the Second Beast who carries the number 666.

One does not have to be a genius to work out how his religions, the Roman Catholic Church and the Muslim Branch of it, are at the core of all the wars and terrorism that has taken place over the last 2,000 years. Laid at his feet also is the encouragement to reproduce without thought other than that it is somehow related to commands given by God.

My reincarnation led me to research the origin of religion and power. It led me back in time to the Persian Empire and worship of the sun, which is the first beast of Revelation.

 Men became so obsessed with it as the Creator and producer of all life that it has never waned as such in their minds.

The most educated don't accept the fact that power on earth is nothing but an invention by men who seek to become gods, at any cost.

While their money-hungry and selfish ways are at work to destroy everything it is beyond anyone to stop those who see wealth as acceptance into glory.

This is the trap that was set from the start and why the two beasts have stood as beacons for actions against the Spirit of the Universe, the real God.

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