Qualities that make  person successful !!


Have you ever imagined about the qualities that make a person successful. Napoleon Hill wrote “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” The motivation to achieve the success comes from to achieve the success comes from the burning desire.

 Burning desire is a key to success in life. You have to generate desire in mind to accomplish the destination.

The writer of the book ‘Think and grow rich’, the Napoleon Hill wrote a first quality to achieve the success i.e. desire. I am requesting you to adopt and acquire this quality to fulfil your wishes in this beautiful world.

Long ago, a young man asked Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher the secret to success. Socrates told the young man to meet him near the river the next morning.

They met. Socrates asked the young man to walk with him toward the river. When the water got up to their neck. Socrates took the young man by surprise and ducked him into the water.

The boy struggled to get out but Socrates was strong and kept him there until the boy started turning blue. Socrates pulled his head out of the water and the first thing the young man did was to gasp and take a deep breath of air.

Socrates asked, ‘What did you want the most when wer'e there?” the boy replied, “Air.” Socrates said, “That is the secret to success. When you want success as badly as you wanted the air, then you will get it”. There is no other

In this post I am going to tell you the qualities that make a person successful. A burning desire is the preliminary slant of all triumph.

You have to generate the flame of high calibre as fragile small desire cannot give you enough warmth. Apropos, a weak desire cannot produce outcome as you want. Behave like present day is yours last day.

What will you do if today is last day of life? That’s why I want to tell you keep burning yourself until your goal is not reached.


Decision & thoughts

Understanding and honesty are two mainstays of commitments with yourself and others. And obligation has to build with word of honour.

 Your decision and thought gives you the results as per its moral value. Success and opulence are the outcome of your thoughts. Success will not come accidentally.

Your life affects by the thoughts which by generated your mind. Everyone wants to achieve the success, everyone wants overcome worries and wants to win, and some of us can only achieve the success.

In this world, very few people can win because they pay the price in lieu of success. You will not get suitable circumstances and pitch for testing your destiny.

Big ship will not get its value when it stops on the seashore and port. It will get its appraisal and respect when its starts voyage from one part of the world to another via sea.


aircraft hasn’t value when it stands on airport. It has a value only in air when it flies with fully loaded passengers. Means aircraft and ship have value, but not on airport and port respectively. They have appraisal when they do their work well in their respective fields.

Sometime blustery weather will try to make hindrances on the way of airplane. Sometime windy storm will divert or obstruct the route of the ship. That is why you have to firm with your plan and its execution. One day you will reach at destination.

Avoid negativity & negative persons

As I mentioned above about ship and airplane, some negative minded people will try to obstruct you from your plan. Simply you have to stick with your wish with dedication. Quitters never win the battle.

 Never ever hive up and don’t afraid to lose the race. Always become the part of the race. Your strong will, will win over the trouble and will come near the path of success.

 Good way is to avoid such people. Winners seek the opportunity and negative minded people having lack of enthusiasm. There will be the chances to fall in the trap of such people, so it is better to avoid them.


There is famous phrase, “The Rome is not built in midnight.” Means it takes time to create something great.

You have to aware about efforts & hard work behind great work. Andrew Carnegie wrote in his book, the average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work.

 The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%. This is the value of hard work. In this world there is no shortcut for success.

The height by great men reached and kept were not attained by Sudden flight, but they while their companion slept, were toiling upward in the night. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to success. – Henry Ford.
This is importance of hard work. So work harder for your happiness.


Self confidence is required traits for a person, who want to achieve goal & struggling for desired destination. Confidence is affected by education, social status & environment. It is strong self trust & feeling about.

Confidence gives you power against the fear. So many interviews of competitive exams is judged on the basis of confidence level.

 It is key & essential in personal and social life both. It is associated with your hard work, perseverance, knowledge, financial status and food. Your personal behaviour and look is also affect confidence level.

William Shakespeare told, “Apparel often proclaimth the man.” Personality can be improved by wearing clothes and it reflects in you.


Ambition is associated with dreams. Dreams will comes true when it in you. It is more important tool for success.

An ambitious attitude can lead to triumph & finally satisfaction. Every ambitious person can understand the value of it and he or she realise as there is NO SHORTCUT FOR ATTAINING SUCCESS IN LIFE.

Ambition is vital for you in achieving legendary success. That’s why being ambitious keep you motivated and determined to fulfil real dream.

Ultimately you will feel enthusiastic to pursue target. It makes you work harder. So shape your life with this trait. Start organising yourself for your HAPPINESS.

thanks for the time .

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