HOW TO AVOID DEBT TRAP OF BANK: How can stay away from it !


HOW TO AVOID DEBT TRAP OF BANK:   How can stay away from it !
HOW TO AVOID DEBT TRAP OF BANK:   How can stay away from it !

Someone is struggling for earning money. Someone is struggling to save money. In this world everyone is struggling for earning and saving the money.

 But when you take the loan from Bank, then your struggle start to increase.

You take loan from Banks such as home loan, personal loan , credit card loan or educational loan etc.

 Should we require loan from Bank? Is it essential to take loan? It is matter of discussion, whether you need to obtain loan or not? It is not easy to answer these type of questions.

If you see, every Bank of the World runs only on interest from the customers, who taken loan from it Bank. We see the status and standards of the Bank as how they maintains themselves and how they earn money.

 Every banks gives you rapacity of loans such as car loan,, home loan etc. Now days small home appliances are given by the Banks on the basis of EMI.

This method might be trap for you. Banks have developed the model to RECOVER the money from loaner by digital way, which is good for Banks. It is easy way to recover the money.

In this post, I am giving genuine tips and suggestions to avoid debt trap of Banks. So you need to do the following:-


If you are earning money by doing job, service or business, then you need to set 1st target as financial security. Whatever your monthly expense, you have to keep at least 6 months money with your Bank for the expenditure.

 You have to keep aside 6 months expenditure money in any format such as FD, Bond or saving. If you lose your work, that time this amount will help you for six months. Meanwhile you can search another work.


Every single person needs to achieve financial stability in life. It has vast value. The meaning of financial stability means you saved lot of money for future to meet the expenditure and save yourself in emergencies.

 Save at least 5 years money with you for your financial life. There are certain ways to become financial stable by avoiding debt.


This is very crucial stage of financial matters. Financial freedom means you achieved your goals by investing in assets.

You can earn more money by doing nothing. You can earn money from your sources like passive income. Start generating the sources of passive income. It takes lot of time of life for being financial stable.

It means you have sufficient wealth for live the life. You can earn money from your assets or wealth. Successful people earning money from passive income or royalty.

 Use recurring revenue model of income. Really you will the actual life if you assets. Built it as early as possible and enjoy the real life with money power.


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