Things to do immediately to get out of the financial slime !

Things to do immediately to get out of the financial slime !
Things to do immediately to get out of the financial slime !

The state does not invest enough and makes too many cuts. It is a just and sacrosanct complaint that reflects the inconsistency of the Italian people.

There is a problem, in fact: Italians are the first not to invest.
At the moment there are over 1,000 billion stopped to rot in the current accounts of elderly pensioners and young professionals, despite the interest paid almost zero.

Perhaps it is the fault of the poor Italian financial education, in the 63rd palace  according to the World Bank, after Cameroon, Togo and Kenya. A tragicomic situation for a nation that invented banks and found out how to profit from currency exchanges.
The first bank in the world, in the modern sense of the term, was founded in 1406 in Genoa, a city from which two brothers borrowed 116 Lire Genovesi in 1156, exchanging them for Bisanzio for 460 Bisanzi, making a profit on their return.

Today, citizens do not invest because the state does not trust. State maneuvers don't work because people don't invest.

A true spiral of ruin.


It is the other mantra we hear at the bar, between the smell of coffee and the football formations of impromptu coaches with mustaches full of pastry.
Yet only 31% of Italians  have used internet banking in the last year. In the Netherlands the percentage is 90%. But the Dutch are not Martians, Amsterdam is just over Milan from Palermo.
And throwing it on Palermo, dear Sicilians, we understand the Milanese, but you have a beautiful sea ... why are you standing in line at the bank instead of on the beach? Since when have you become so masochistic?

The bitter truth is that we are always ready to ask and demand the first step from the State, from the Municipality, from the neighbour, from the wife or from the husband. But the important moment is when we will start taking the first step. Making him follow maybe even the second, the third, the fourth.

The scene of the movie Forrest Gump comes to mind. Once Tom Hanks starts running, he attracts thousands of people who start running with him. And as Forrest always teaches us: "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what happens to you".
But until we open the blessed box, the chocolates will never eat them.


You do it instead?

Investing in the stock market, therefore in companies, would have brought you an average gain of around 10% per year over the last 10 years (despite the great collapse of 2008). This instead of the poor 1% per annum on the money left to rot in the bank, to which is added a loss of value of 15% in 10 years for those who have left their savings under the famous mattress.
We ask for the VAR, something doesn't come back.
Who really made the own goal?


Very true. But how many Italians read books, perhaps of training?
We do not say to follow actual training courses, but to read books. We are not even talking about buying them, but simply reading them, even borrowed from the nearest library.
Library, what an obsolete term! Only suitable for students without money. But don't we remember the emotions we felt when we first opened those old volumes, a bit rough, with that beautiful scent of "dust of wisdom"?

Don't worry, there will be no Cerbero at the entrance to block the path of knowledge. At most, some bespectacled librarian too busy reading a book to look after our clumsiness as we enter, almost embarrassed by the vastness of our ignorance ... oops, the vastness of human knowledge.
The truth is that we are all ignorant in front of a library, so to death the embarrassment.

Italy is among the countries in the world where we read less, and it is not the fault of illiteracy or even the librarian with the whip. It is the fault of our very dangerous "I'll do it tomorrow" trend.
A sad ending for the State that founded the oldest university in the world , the University of Bologna. A state that before 1500 had created more universities than all, well 23. Half of all the existing ones, against the 9 of the second in the ranking, Germany.


This is not meant to be a destructive post, a complaint or a "cazziatone", but a painful kick to your pride. Can you feel the burning? Do you feel a little indignation? Of anger?
Then it worked.
Now, stay here for a while longer, we will sublimate this negative emotion together and turn it into precious gold, to adorn our lives and the whole of Italy.
Let's take the first step now, don't wait for someone else to do it.

As Italians we have traced sea routes to new worlds. We have traced cultural routes, towards new arts and inventions, monetary routes, towards new financial and economic systems. We have always been proud explorers, inventors, lovers of life and beauty.
Not just cooking shows and beautiful landscapes, as we stopped to think for too long.


So take the map of your life and start tracing a new route now, with these 3 actions. Not this month, not this week, not tomorrow ... today!

1) Make 1 (not 2, 1 only) investment, no matter how small, how crazy and how uninformed. Just do it. Move the financial slime that has been blocking you for too long.

2) Open a totally online bank account and transfer most of your savings there. The other account if you can close it.

3) Buy 2 (no more, not less) training books, not novels. One read it within 7 days, the other give it to a friend you know could appreciate it.

If you don't know which book to start with, you can try ours . But only if we like you.

At the next wave.

thanks for the time .

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