Bitcoin-Minning : software-minner machine - the very hot mining machine is selling everywhere .

Recently, you will see that the very hot mining machine is selling everywhere and it is very expensive but the price is higher than the market price. In fact, in the early years, many people have dug, especially in China and Europe and the United States.

Bitcoin-Minning :  software-minner machine - the very hot mining machine is selling everywhere .
Bitcoin-Minning :  software-minner machine - the very hot mining machine is selling everywhere .

I don't know what virtual currency is here. I don't know how to ask Google.

Most people have heard of bitcoin, which is bit coin, the first virtual currency leader in the market, followed by Ethereum etheruem and other virtual currencies of hundreds of sizes.
Many merchants in Europe and the United States accept bitcoin Ethereum transactions. I personally feel that it is a good tool for money laundering. . .

We all know that real money needs to be manually dig or purchased at market prices, but virtual currency can also be dug, just by computer or just at the market price. .

The score of a bitcoin is now more than 4,000 dollars in the market price. . You will need to buy it for $4,000. The same is true for other currencies. . . You can take a look at the map to understand the price of virtual currency. .

First, there are two types of mining machines in the market. One is a GPU machine or an ASIC machine. The ASIC miner machine is dedicated to bitcoin, and the others cannot. . . The GPu machine specialises in digging like etheruem, dash and so on, so you can't dig bitcoin.

ASIC machines can be bought on these bitmain, bitfury online, but they all sell off the market and need to wait two to three months. . To buy a spot, you can only buy an Asic machine that is more expensive than the market.

The GPU machine is what we call the window computer, but there must be a super and a lot of graphic cards to dig more.

Otherwise, if you use a normal computer, you may dig a piece of Eth in one year, and you will also waste your electricity bill and the graphics card that may be burned. Therefore, the number of graphic cards in Malaysia or the world is short and expensive 30-50%. . .

However, the stronger and more mining machines can dig faster and more. Usually the rich people invest in this way, continue to buy the machine to dig or save the money, and then sell the price when the price is high. . Most ordinary people, cash out immediately. . .

Later, I will explain to you what software and wallet to use, or check the following information first. .

Miner – machine
Mining software – (each virtual currency has its own software to dig)
Pool- nano pool, nice hash (where to dig)

Mining and virtual currency sharing

Eth wallet poloniex
Eth walltet bifinex
Bit coin block chain
Bit coin luno

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3) Mining legalisation                                                                                                                                                         
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5) How to calculate the return on investment                                                                                                             
6) Mining solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                

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