Bankruptcy of greece- Possible bankruptcy of Greece .( step by step ) .

Possible bankruptcy of Greece

European shares take for granted that Greece will not pay the debt and all are opting for the losses.

All European stock markets have been affected by persistent rumors over the weekend on the worsening crisis in Greece.
The IBEX 35,
the main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, lost 177.70 points this morning, standing at 7728 units.

Early in the morning, risk premium Spanish rose 18 basis points and stood at 355 points.

In general, all the European markets opened the day with a fall of 3%. By mid-morning losses and was placed about 5%.

The uncertainty has reached the Asian markets have lost more than two points.

Bankruptcy of greece- Possible bankruptcy of Greece .( step by step ) .
Bankruptcy of greece- Possible bankruptcy of Greece .( step by step ) .France is the country most affected by high exposure to the Greek debt.

Thus, in its opening, the Paris Stock Exchange was down 2.93%, followed by Milan accusing cuts of 2.71%. For his part, General Index Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) recorded losses of 2.17%.

 London is the floor less lost in the day he announced a reform of the British banking system.

Leaving the eurozone:

The possible bankruptcy of Greece has led several German Ministers of the Government of Angela Merkel to raise publicly the possibility that the Hellenic nation eurozone finally leave,

an option that Merkel does not support. However, the German Finance Ministry is seriously considering this possibility,

supported by the government’s Social Union of Bavaria, very Carcano Merkel party and that it has been in favor of excluding from the European Monetary Union countries that fail to control debt.

This position has joined the other junior partner in Merkel’s coalition,

the Liberal Party, where voices have already been launched in favor of allowing the bankruptcy of Greece.

 This is compounded by the resignation of the Chief Economist of the European Central Bank Jurgen Stark,

Not to share the sovereign policy of buying from this institution.

Desperate measures to avoid bankruptcy Greek:

Greece, meanwhile, tries to avoid everything leaving the euro. On Sunday, the Greek government approved the application of a tax on real estate,

seeking to raise the 2,000 million euros. The measure is to apply an additional fee of around four euros per square meter,
 but depend on the purchasing power of each owner.

The Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, has called for a new national effort to break the bad image of Greece abroad and prevent the collapse of the country and out of the eurozone.

Greece only has liquidity until October, so urgently needed to unlock the sixth installment of the ransom of 110,000 million euro which was approved last May.

However, both the International Monetary Fund German Minister as some have pointed out that Greece must ful fill its commitments to the deficit by releasing more money.

Greece pledged to cut its budget deficit from 14.5% of current GDP to less than 3% over the next three years and have a primary surplus in 2012,

conditions at the moment, neither markets nor the experts are confident that will comply.

The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has come out against rumors and has shown a willingness to keep the country in the euro area and meet the commitments made with international lenders.

Following the announcement of the implementation of the new tax on housing,

 the European Commission has indicated that the experts will return to Greece to reach an agreement on the new rescue.

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