how to invest in gold - Better to invest in silver than gold ( step by step )

Better to invest in silver than gold .

Invest in ancient invest in gold or silver ounces? The decision can be taken to analyse the past performance of these precious metals.

Despite moments of uncertainty and official statements of the bank Swiss UBS on the disappearance of investment tax havens such as gold, commodities and the swizz franc,

it should be noted that despite the turmoil that now suffer global markets, the price trends of the raw materials and metals,

obey joints as well as the current short-term crisis, long-term joint can be analysed to determine future trends.

Yields of ounces of silver and gold centenarians:

In late 2003 it was possible to buy gold centenaries of 5848 Mexican pesos, while buying an ounce of liberty silver was possible with only 87 pesos. Likewise,

in the month of September 2011 you can buy an ounce of gold for 27,500 pesos, while silver can be purchased for 460 pesos.

how to invest in gold - Better to invest in silver than gold ( step by step )
The accumulated yield from 2003 to 2011 is as follows: the price of gold rose 470.24% in 8 years, ie an average annual return of 58.78% while the price of silver increased 528.73% over the last 8 years, ie an average annual return of 66.09%.

Why is it better to invest in silver than in gold?

In addition to the figures presented above, it is possible to infer that the price of silver tends to increase faster than the price of gold for several reasons.

The first is that the current price of silver in the international markets of around just $ 40 per ounce of pure silver,

 so it is easy to infer that the number of investors who can access the money is much greater than those able to invest directly in gold, priced at just over $ 1600 an ounce in international markets.

In short, the fact that its price is relatively accessible to a large part of the world population will cause inflationary effects in its price and make the price of an ounce of silver will increase even faster than gold.

The second reason is that silver is mainly used for industrial processes such as electricity, medicine, electronics and weapons.

In short, the main difference is the silver with gold, is that while the metal tends to be treasured gold at the surface in the form of jewellry,

bullion and coins gold, Silver tends to be consumed in industrial processes and only 30% of total production tends to be treasured in the form of ingots or coins.

Increased metal prices:

Another factor influencing the increase in both gold and the silver is the overall rise in metals such as steel, iron and copper,

primarily industrial metals whose reserves are expected to be extinct before 2070, as estimated by hubbert Curve.

Especially in the case of copper which has more impact on increasing the price of silver is that,

due to higher copper prices in international markets,

has selected silver as the perfect substitute, because of its better qualities as a driver and shrinking price difference of these metals.

Investing in long-term silver:

The element that the investor should never forget is that silver is a finite metal on Earth,

so that as they become more scarce reserves of this metal will increase its price even faster,

far exceeding the price growth Gold, which will make this the best investment option in the entire planet.

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