Default on mortgage consequences- delinquencies mortgages ( in detail ).

Low family delinquencies in the payment of mortgages

The situation is desperate for the growth of unemployment and the crisis and families that pay better developers and business loans.

Banks to grant more mortgages by all analysts is a key factor in overcoming the current recession. If you do not increase,

 spending will not rise and thus, economic activity will remain stagnant.

One of his main excuse is that it has increased the rate of default and can not risk too much money to advance.

However, the delinquency has not increased in all sectors. Families remain fairly compliant, as they generally are dealing with the home you live,

so do not take risks and try to be very compliant in paying their bills.

Default on mortgage consequences- delinquencies mortgages ( in detail ).
Not all pay their debts as well as families:

However, the data is not as good in other groups of mortgaged. For example, has increased significantly in the field of developers,

who are going through a bad time for the decline in sales. The sluggishness of the promoters is much higher than that of the families, as it stands at 18 percent.

In total, the rate you just know, from April to May 2011, defaults on mortgaged families has increased slightly from the first quarter,

when it was 2.421%. But it has fallen from that recorded in the same period in 2010, when it recorded a 2.567%.

 It has generally been declining gradually since hitting the roof in 2009, when it was 3%.

In addition, AHE has also default data from other sectors, and private resident, who in this period stood at 6.561, the highest since 2006.

 Defaults among people who have applied for credit to meet the rehabilitation of their homes have also risen, up 2.77%.

Data types of entities that provide credit:

The most damaged by late payments are now the credit institutions, which generally come those who have failed to be granted requested money in a bank.

 They have a delinquency rate of 8.995%, which is significantly more than that recorded the rest of entities engaged in lending.

In fact, lie just beyond the savings banks, which have a rate of one point less, as this stands at 6.985%. This is followed by banks,

which recorded a 6.088% but Seizure more stories than ever, and the credit unions who stay at 5.726%.

The promoters a fortune:

This group of developers has a serious problem of defaults. AHE According to the report,

go up delinquent in the credits devoted to the financing of real estate to 17.71%.

The figure is far higher than the same period in 2010, when he was only of 11.16%. In addition,

the number has increased even though in recent months are granted (as in other sectors) less credit than ever.

Who do you owe money? AHE clear in its report figures delinquency rates as the entities that have granted loans.

Savings banks are hardest hit, with 19.58%, followed by credit unions, with 17.19%, the banks, with 15.65% and finally the credit institutions,

 with 4 , 97%, an excellent figure.

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