Home federal savings and loans things to know about savings - (in detail).

Home federal savings and loans

Home federal savings and loans things to know about   savings - (in detail).

The loan home savings is a means of acquiring property particularly suitable for those of you who have a Savings Plan (PEL) or Savings Account (CEL).

The system of this loan works on the basis of soft loans, you can acquire only after a certain period of savings. The use of these loans can be very varied:

either to buy a house or to build it to live there or rent. This kind of loan is generally for a period between 2 and 15 years at most.

Loan home savings: how does it work?

Interest loan home savings lies in the fact that generally covers all costs you need, with a ceiling of over 90,000 euros when you have a savings plan housing, or nearly 25 000 savings account with housing.

 In the system of housing savings account, functioning rests initially on a savings period which may last up to 1 year and 6 months from account opening.

 As for home savings plan, you must wait for 3 years before being eligible for a housing loan savings.

The originality of the method of loan home savings based on the fact that financial institutions provide individuals with a savings scheme that will allow them later to receive loans.

 Indeed, at first, you will be in charge of feeding your savings account savings plan housing or housing and consistently, pay your savings will be followed by a subsidy by the state.

Only after a certain time savings that the phase of the loan to open a savings account accommodation, it will take a period of 18 months from opening, and between 3 and 4 years for a Home savings plan.
 The credit you receive will depend on the amount of savings and interest held on the latter.

Several advantages exist loan home savings, including offering reasonable interest rates and no fees.

By cons, you should keep in mind that the loan will depend largely on the amount and interest earned on savings you have made during the savings phase.

 Know therefore that the initial investment amount will define the amount of the loan.

Home savings and loan or savings plan ELP Housing

In the system of home savings plan, you will have initially a bank account that will act as a savings account for a period of 4 years on average.

 It was after this period you will qualify for subsidised loans and preferential rates: This bonus consists of a premium paid by the state to help finance housing, amounting to some 1500 euros.

And to fully enjoy the loan home savings, bet it took as a starting minimum savings amount to 225 euros, followed by a monthly payment of 45 euros.

 Aware that after a period of 10 years from the opening of the ELP, no payment will be accepted and you will not be entitled to the premium paid by the enhanced state.

 But for the entire period between 4 and 10 years, in theory this should include the premium paid in the calculation of interest rates but in practice this is no longer the case.

Anyway, the benefits of the ELP are notable because there is exemption from fees and interest rates are lower than with a conventional loan.

Home savings and loan or savings account CEL Housing

In the case of the loan under the home savings account, this is a savings to power through free payments of up to 75 euros minimum, following the initial payment of 300 euros.

Note that, as with a conventional savings account, you can withdraw money from CEL provided always leave it on at least 300 euros.

With a ceiling set at 15,300 euro deposits, the loan you get after the accumulation phase may not exceed 23 000 euros. The flexibility of this account is such that even minor can open one.

With a low interest rate of 2.75% paying, clearing the CEL offers a loan rate of the most advantageous. In addition,

you will be exempted from a lot of expense when you open your savings booklet CEL: for example, you’ll pay no fees for opening or service fees.

The risks of adopting a savings account instead of a housing plan housing savings held in particular that the granting of credit for house purchase is not automatic even after fulfilling the conditions for savings,

especially that the loan rate fluctuates at a rate unlike home savings plan which is fixed.

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